Digital Literacy Schools Grant

The 2nd round of the Australian Government Digital Literacy Schools Grant is now open at

I was successful in collaboration with a school in Broken Hill in Round 1 to provide training to all staff in Coding and Robotics, and urge all schools, particularly in regional areas, to consider applying for the Grant. Below is a video showing some of our activities and two teachers talking about the experience.


My services and training include:

  • ICT and iPad Teacher Training
  • Workshops
  • In-school consultancy
  • In-class support
  • ICT Tools to aid learning difficulties/differences
  • Staff Meetings
  • Curriculum and Staff Development Days
  • Tailor-made Training

Coding and Robotics are very popular at the moment and I demonstrate how to teach coding with apps and web resources (many of which are free) for K-6 and then demonstrate some Robotics and give time for teachers have some fun experimenting with them to understand how it can be used in the classroom.

“Bev’s exciting hands-on training day, ‘Coding  with iPads  K – 6’, has given me both the skills and confidence to work on Coding with my students. Teaching through a Distance Education environment has its own unique challenges but Bev was able to help find ways around these and my students are now enjoying learning to code.”

Julie Lavis, School of The Air, Broken Hill

Grant Application project proposals that target underrepresented groups (such as girls and/or low SES and/or regional and remote area students etc.) are encouraged.

Through these Grants, the aim of the program is:

  • To stimulate best practice models of implementation of, and student and teacher engagement in, the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies
  • Encourage sharing of ideas and experiences in relation to the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies, within and among schools
  • Facilitate the development, implementation and sharing of demonstration projects that can be used by other schools to implement the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies
  • Facilitate effective ways that leaders can inspire their teachers and students to extend and apply their learning across other learning areas through the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

Some of the key features I think I can assist with, that apply to the Grant are:

  • Stimulating best practice through training and sharing of ideas, either within school or as a community of schools
  • Reflection – discussions and reflections on what has worked well, where improvements can be made, to ensure continuing best practice and keeping up with new ideas and technologies
  • Engagement of students
  • Engaging resistant teachers through extra support and training and in-class support
  • Harnessing the experience of knowledge of teachers who are confident with digital literacy and using best practice to support other teachers in a mentor capacity
  • Obvious STEM links but also creating cross-curricular modules or units of work, that can link STEM with maths and literacy, as well as the Arts (STEAM) to make learning even more relevant and connected, rather than teaching isolated ICT lessons
  • By up-skilling staff, rather than employing 3rd parties to come and teach students coding, we can improve teacher skills while also engaging students in the classroom, and build a sustainable program, that staff can continue to develop in years to come
  • Creating a scope and sequence for teaching coding and robotics that can be tried and tested in the classroom
  • Encourage Principals and school leaders to be a part of the process, so they can become ICT champions and lead the way from the top
  • Digital literacy is not just coding and robotics, but students learning how to use ICT in various ways that can build future life skills and show understanding of the capabilities of ICT

I am an Apple Learning Specialist, a member of the Apple Consultants Network specialising in Education Solutions, a Nearpod Certified Educator, Book Creator Ambassador, Seesaw Ambassador and Google Certified Educator (Level 1), so I have a great deal of knowledge and experience in teaching with ICT and iPads. I understand the needs of teachers in the classroom and emphasise the use of ICT to enhance education outcomes and improve student engagement and learning.


There is more information at and second round applications are due by 11 August 2017.


Good luck!


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