Prepare for iOS 11

There are so many great new features coming in iOS 11 for schools, including:

  • Screen Capture – the ability to now create a video with audio of what happens on your screen, terrific for creating demonstration videos
  • Multi-tasking  – this will make it easy to work across multiple apps at once and allows drag and drop
  • Persistent Reader View – will be able to be turned on permanently, this is excellent for students with dyslexia or who can be easily distracted by unnecessary information on the screen
  • Files app – will make it easier to organise files
  • Deployment – some new capabilities

iOS 11 will no longer be compatible with 32-bit apps. It is important for teachers and schools to check which apps will no longer work with iOS 11 for planning. A few of my favourites are on the list as they have not been updated for a long time, including Tellagami and MadPad. To check which apps are 32-bit, click on the link below:

I found 39 apps on my iPad! Of these, 25 or so were apps i no longer or have never really used, so it was a timely chance for a clean up, but there are a few favourites which I frequently use and demonstrate in my training workshops. Schools who frequently use these apps need to decide whether to delay upgrading to iOS 11 on its release (if, say, you know you have a major task requiring these apps) or to find other options. I have contacted some developers to find out if they will be updating their app.

It is always best to be prepared, rather than find this out after updating!

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