Creativity with iPad

I am currently not delivering external courses and workshops, but information on previous workshops will provide information on possible content for in-school Professional Learning opportunities. Please contact me for further information.

Think outside the box! Unleash creativity! Think outside the box!

Creativity is fast becoming one of the most sought after skills. Creativity allows students to express themselves, promotes thinking and problem-solving and engages students in the classroom.

There are so many apps that can be used creatively in the classroom in all subject areas, including numeracy and literacy, and this workshop will give you hands-on time to use these apps and learn how to apply them in the classroom for authentic learning and increased student engagement.

Learn how to integrate ICT into your teaching and encourage students to be creators not just consumers of technology with photography, video, stop motion, drawing, simple animation and more.

Teachers should bring an iPad.

“Excellent presenter!! Very knowledgable!! Great ideas I can use in classroom. Good to have a teacher current with technology on iPad!.