I am an Apple Professional Learning Specialist and ICT Consultant, training teachers in how to effectively use and integrate iPads and technology in their teaching to innovate and engage students in their learning. I travel far and wide, specialising in regional NSW, QLD and N.T., and will travel anywhere by request.

I began my teaching career as an enthusiastic secondary music teacher who had a passion for teaching with ICT, specifically iPads, not just in music, but in many curriculum areas. Through experience teaching music, art and technology at Secondary and Primary levels, this interest and expertise has led me to present courses and provide in-school training and support to share my passion and enthusiasm for how iPads and technology can be used to increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes. As a teacher, I understand the issues in the classroom of management, workflow and what works well and what does not, and am always keeping up to date with new ideas and advances in technology.

Recent years have seen me doing a lot of work with remote indigenous schools in the Northern Territory, working with teachers and students in supporting and celebrating First Nation languages and culture with iPad.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, I am not currently running any face-to-face courses (this will change when applicable). However, I am able to offer support and Professional Learning through video conferences.

Coding and Robotics in K-6 education is another passion of mine, and I am always experimenting with new resources and present many training courses to teachers on how to integrate Coding and Robotics into their teaching and curriculum. Teachers can be fearful of teaching Coding when they know little about it, and many teachers say my training courses demystify coding for them and they gained confidence to teach it in the classroom.

Living in regional NSW in Australia, I understand the challenges for teachers who are required to travel to metropolitan areas for Professional Development. So I offer courses in metropolitan and regional areas, which have included Ballina, Tamworth, Wagga Wagga and Broken Hill in NSW, Bundaberg, Rockhampton and Cairns in QLD and Alice Springs, Nhulunbuy and Yulara in N.T. Below is a map with areas I have teacher training in 2017-2020, and the red dots indicate where teachers have come from to attend my courses. I am willing to travel so teachers do not have to!

I am an Apple Professional Learning Specialist, Apple Teacher, Apple Teacher Swift Playgrounds, Book Creator Ambassador, Seesaw AmbassadorCertified Nearpod Educator, Sphero Hero, and Kahoot! Gold Certified Teacher.

APSL right

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