iPad Learning Experience

I have had the pleasure in the last few weeks of running two iPad Learning Experiences (ILEs) with Boambee PS and Kororo PS.  The ILE is designed to introduce schools to 1:1 learning with iPad and is a two week immersive experience, providing technical guidance and in-class teaching and learning support, assisting schools in exploring the potential of iPads in a 1:1 environment.

The programs were a huge success! As both teachers noted, 1:1 is the ‘game-changer’! Each student has their own iPad, so can edit and add to work easily. With every student with the same device, you know that every student has the required app, and are all able to work at the same time.

The overwhelming observation was the increase in student engagement. Students were more enthusiastic about their learning and were engaged in their schoolwork. Some of the tasks and activities included Numeracy work with arrays, Literacy work with spelling and reading fluency, movies with Green Screen and iMovie, iPad art work and interactive lessons with Nearpod. Teachers noted that the pedagogy remains the same, but teaching and learning with iPad adds another dimension.

Using the Apple Classroom app to monitor students and simplify workflow made classroom management easier – navigate the whole class of iPads to an app or web page instantly, lock the iPads when required, or my favourite – see what app every student is on to check they are on task, and if desired, view their screen in real time. The teacher is free to move around the classroom while still seeing what every students is doing.

Nearpod was also a game changer – the ability to see every students’ response in real time, and to share with the class or support and correct them immediately had instant impact, with some students recording improved results within a week.


Teachers also realised that it is not necessarily a large amount of apps that is needed, but a few core apps that can be used in many and varied ways. Book Creator and Seesaw were two such apps, which allowed for varying tasks and activities.


IMG_0046 2.PNGIt was a pleasure working with such enthusiastic teachers and students and to watch the transformation of learning in the classroom.

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