Seesaw – so many applications

Seesaw is a fantastic cross-curricular app that has so many uses in the classroom. The ability to use QR code logins for younger students, with no need for passwords, makes it easy to use in the classroom, but you also have the log in and password option for older students.

The ability to record your voice while you draw or move items on the screen enables you to explain your learning and understanding verbally (beneficial for some students with challenges in written literacy), provide samples of reading aloud and evidence of learning, and all from within a FREE app!

Students can take photos of their work to submit to receive feedback, collaborate with others and show evidence of development.

It can also be used for students to complete digital worksheets by drawing, adding text and labels etc to images. The additional of labels is particularly useful, as if you create your own with labels, when the students copy and edit, they can then move these labels to their correct positions.




From a teacher perspective, it reduces the need for hard copies of work, as you have student samples and can comment with feedback from within the app. Seesaw Plus also allows you to keep private notes, track skills etc.

I rate Seesaw in my TOP 10 Best Cross-Curricular Apps!


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